LOOP Lifestyle - Classic Scrunchie Forest Buffalo Plaid Jersey Cotton

LOOP Lifestyle - Classic Scrunchie Forest Buffalo Plaid Jersey Cotton

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Each LOOP is handmade by an east coast mama duo and team. The CLASSIC scrunchies are designed to tame your mane, giving you the thick and full look with looping around hair an average of two to three times depending on hair thickness. 

**Due to the use of different fabrics and lighting each scrunchie is unique and may differ slightly from photo.

The Brands

Country Liberty:

Country Liberty is the result of a realization of the importance and representation of where you came from. After 19-year-old Sawyer Hannay spent time away from home traveling for a career in professional hockey, he came to the fast realization that he longed for a need to represent his core values and where he came from, an area outside of small town of Rexton, NB. Since its launch, Country Liberty has made a strong food-print within the apparel industry throughout Atlantic Canada- with its recognizable logo and strong association with the buffalo plaid print. It has become the backwoods adventure uniform to countless martimers and continues to spread in popularity throughout Canada.

Loop Lifestyle:

When two new moms found a void in the marketplace for trendy oversized hair scrunchies, there was no stopping them. Starting as a maternity leave side hustle, this NB company has blown up and is now one of the most recognized sources for hair scrunchies in Atlantic Canada. Not only does this company have a product that is a go-to accessory of countless women but they have also created a community that supports and cheers on each other every step of the way. Weather it’s a dream vacation, a long night up with a new born or living your day to day life - Loop has created a space that gives women a place to come together and share these ups and downs with confidence and support.