Healing Amber - 11" Necklace Raw Multi (Clasp)

Healing Amber - 11" Necklace Raw Multi (Clasp)

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 11” organic and all natural amber teething necklace is perfect size for a baby.

Therapeutic Quality: Amber contains succinic acid which when worn next to the body has been shown to reduce swelling and pain in teething children which reduces drooling and fussiness.  Start now – amber works best when worn before teething discomfort begins.

Natural analgesic works for toddlers, teenagers & adults for ailments such as stress from separation anxiety, ADHD, anxiety, toothache, migraine, arthritis, insomnia and a host of other discomforts.

SAFETY: measure your child’s neck and make sure it fits snug and prevents necklace from reaching the child’s mouth.  Safety knotted beads with no sharp edges or cracks. Screw clasp will break away for safety.  Never leave a child unsupervised when wearing necklace. Remove necklace when child is sleeping/napping.  Do not allow child to put necklace in their mouth or chew on the beads.

Handcrafted in the Baltic region of Lithuania. Clean with a soft cloth. Remove for bathing – to keep soap away from the amber to keep its effectiveness.

Safety Disclaimer ~ please don't leave a child unattended with their necklace, it may present a chocking hazard.